Thursday 11 February 2010

Montreal - bienvenue

I just entered a painting in a group show whose theme was Montreal - our fair city. I am always impressed and awed with the imagination of people who contribute. I won't post any pictures because, well I forgot to take them and even if I had, I don't have permission. Let's just go with the permission thought and forget I left my camera at home.
Usually if you think of Montreal you think of the Olympic stadium, curved staircases, Bagels, smoked meat and cobblestoned streets in the old city. There wasn't one hockey item - that's like going to New Zealand and not having a sheep in your photographs. The subjects were of beautiful street scenes, corner depaneurs, politicians, and famous authors. One photographer displayed pictures of bicycles chained to poles in the snow, which is really appropriate because Montreal is now the city with the most bicycle paths in North America or is it just Canada, whatever. I personally hate them because we lost a lot of parking spots and those riders look so damn healthy.

My entry was a painting of a painting in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. You see the original one here I love this painting, love the twist in her body, her beautiful face, and the way she is framed by the light and the tree trunk. There is something weird about her left hand - it looks looks like a monkey's hand - almost as if the artist forgot to finish it.
Here is Gerry admiring my version - either that or he is disgusted with the mess in studio. I love saying things like my studio - makes me feel so professional. He has messes in his office but they are clean messes - lots of paper and Post-Its. My messes tend to be big water containers, spilled paint and left over coffee mugs. It is all relative - Einstein would understand.

PS. the painting was sold.

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