Monday, 27 October 2014

On my easel

This is on my easel
This is the the third shirt colour and the second background colour.  I seem to like to use a lot of paint. Someone has to keep the economy thriving.  The sun  glasses are fun to do  because they are reflecting a landscape.  It is like working on a miniature painting.

This is what I did in Suzy's class (another Suzy).  We were to copy a famous painting.  I think it isn't bad for 3 hours work. Do you recognize it?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

I love a good Show

I was accepted into the Stewart Hall art rental show.  Even better 2 of my pieces were accepted.  It was a really good show with a lot of pieces that I would like to own.
S. Charto Pointe Claire show

I really liked where they placed the paintings.

S. Charto Pointe Claire show
Here is someone looking at my work.  It is such a weird feeling to have strangers looking at your work and even more bizarre when you see two people discussing it.  You want to know what they are thinking and yet maybe you are better off not knowing.  At least they spelled my name right 

Friday, 24 October 2014


Well I was on a roll blogging but right after the challenge we went to Toronto and helped my daughter move.  We have sworn we won't help her move again so she better stay put.   We were lucky enough to  catch the Alex Colville show at the AGO (Toronto Art Gallery) which  I really enjoyed.  It is a learning experience to see the his preliminary drawings for working out the details for his paintings. I also didn't know he designed the centennial coins in 1967.  I still come across them once in awhile, of course not the penny since Canada discontinued them. I miss pennies.

Look how clean he was.  It boggles my mind that he painted in a white coat that didn't seem to get dirty. Look closely  - do you see dirty pants, drips on the wall, or paint under the finger nails.  How did he do it? Anyway if you can,  go, you'll thank me later.

In contrast to him, I have dropped my palette on the floor and you probably can figure out which side it fell down.  I can't see because I push up my glasses and they get covered in paint and don't drink from my coffee cup because I have sometimes used it as a thinner for my paint.  I also reuse my old canvesses and today I worked for about an hour only to discover that it had a hole in the bottom. Crap.

Can you see the hole  - it looks like a dimple in the bottom right - well I didn't.  Maybe I should wash my glasses.

Here is my second start.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 30 Heaven on Earth

PEI (Prince Edward Island), is the smallest province in Canada and sparsely populated.  If you are looking for heaven on earth, this is it. They have the  the nicest people.  We would pass things for sale on the side of the road with a can to hold the money.  No need to ring the doorbell  - just put the right amount in the can - who would think of stealing?  We were there for a week for Mike Svob's workshop.  My husband would drive me to the site so he could have the car.  He was irritated by everyone waving to him as they passed us in the other direction.  Coming from the city, we are not used to that, but by the end of the week he was waving too. If they didn't wave back, he would say they must be from the mainland.

I miss the PEI Preserve Company, lobster straight from the fisherman, mussels, the Dune's gallery, one room school houses, the local beer, Anne of Green Gables, small white churches and of course Cow's Ice Cream. Every stop had a million potential paintings.  Most of all I miss the red sand. See the crowds!

PEI really is heaven on earth.  You should go.

I started this series with a painting of my old dog walking with my husband - I am going to end the 30 in 30 with a picture of Mully walking with my husband on the beach in PEI.

Thank you for looking at my paintings. You can continue to see them free of charge by signing up at the upper right hand corner.

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 29 Her name is Lola

Actually her name is Lolita - but I ask you does this look like a Lolita?


She was a very nice dog that we met at a dog park.  I would have liked her better if her owner wasn't so busy laughing at my dog.
Mully in mud

Doesn't she know, he who laughs last, laughs best. The only thing is I never laughed.  Dumb dirty dog. Ok she really is smart dirty dog. Never mind. 
Mully I think you missed a spot.
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day 28 Hit Your Mark

Actors have to hit their marks when performing - it means walking to a specific spot .  This poor woman was leaving the dog run when I was coming in.  We pass each other quite often but this time I asked if I could take her dog's picture.  She was very agreeable but I don't think she knew how bossy I was going to be .  Move back,  stand behind  etc.  She was very sweet and obligingly moved so I could get Maya the boxer partially in the sun.  Thank you so much for your patience. Now you can go  to work. S. Charto

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Day 27 A Day at the beach

Is there anything more joyous than watching your dog run up and down the beach, bouncing through the waves and chasing off seagulls.  Okay the seagulls might not appreciate the additional exercise and stress but really she doesn't even come close to the birds. Oh but I wish I could feel her joy and freedom for one moment.
Run Mully run S. Charto

Please join me in my new blog where we will work through how to books and improve our art skills