Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 1 - The Last Walk

Sometimes you know it is and sometimes you don't.
This wasn't the actual last walk but it was the last outing.  We had driven up north and he walked and swam, caught the ball and it was the perfect day with our dog.  The leaves were turning bright red, the air was crisp and we were out with our dog.  The leaves fell,

winter came and you know the rest.  There was a last walk and now we have the memories.  I am doing the 30 in 30 challenge.  this time around, I am painting 30 dogs.  This is day one and I wanted to remember Bogey.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Back to our regular programming

The 30 day challenge is over but I feel I don't want to stop.  Here are 2 little ones I did.  First the chocolate in the box and then the chocolate bitten.  I got to admit it looked pretty gross under the lights - it got all soft and gooey.  I also couldn't leave it out because I have had a couple of bad experinces of a dog eating my subject.  Sometimes I get no suppport from my loved ones.

I am continuing with my Ray Turner copies.  Turner out a little too purple for my taste.  But getting better.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 30 - In my Own time

The last day.  I am glad to say I really enjoyed this.  Glad I made the commitment but more than that glad I came through. Here is another dog that I don't know personally  but just took a picture of.  I think this was at a dog show.  Doesn't he look like a winner?  Of course not in a dog race, but in a winner at something.  

I am grateful to Leslie for setting up the challenge. 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Day 29 - Just call me Charlie

I have no idea what the dog's name is, but I think he looks like a Charlie so Charlie it is. It's sweet how total strangers will pose as long as they have a dog.  Do you think she would have posed for me if I I had just gone up to her and asked - I don't think so, but a dog changes everything.

I originally painted just the values in blue and white, but while I was looking at it I thought I'm in a good mood - what would happen if my darkest value was a middle red and everything else had to be lighter.  I used two colours - red and yellow. OK you caught me I also used white. Funny in my painting the background reads as pure white but the picture shows blue and green in the body.  It of course needs a bit of work but really not that much.  I am quite happy with it as an experiment that went well.  Thanks Charlie.
Tomorrow is the last day for the 30 in 30 challenge.  I have been thinking about what to do next. I have some paintings that are due, but I want to improve my art.  Here are my goals
  1. Blog daily - it helps to post and look at your work
  2. Pick a master and copy his work every day
  3. draw every day.
  4. pick a book and work through the exercises 

Doing the challenge and completing it made me think I could be more consistent.  Bombs away.  I don't know why I typed it but that's how I feel

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 28 - and now for something completely different or ring my bell

I painted on a black canvas, for the first time.  There is a big advantage - somehow its not as scary as a white canvas.  I had fun with this - at first glance,  the bell is just yellow and the more I stared at it, the more colours I saw.

I bought the bell at a garage sale for my dog.  I had the brilliant idea to have her ring the bell when she wanted to go out, but it didn't take.  She is sticking to her method. She takes a shoe and drops it on my head when I am sleeping.  I have to admit it works. She is a better trainer than I am.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Day 27 - Size 7

Oh boy - did this painting feel good.  Wouldn't it be nice if they were all like that. I liked the composition right from the start, I liked the back lighting I just liked it.  It was fun to paint - I didn't worry if something was wrong and I am not going to mention where because it just doesn't matter. One thing I tried differently was I didn't blend.  I put down a stroke and just left it.  I think I will try that tomorrow.  I wonder if it is like golf where you think after a great stroke you know what you have been doing wrong and think you won't make any mistakes again, but you do.  At least that's how I think golfers act because I actually  don't play.  I'll just enjoy the moment today and in the words of Scarlett from Gone with the Wind "I'll think about that tomorrow".

Correction: My daughter informs me, the shoes are size 6 1/2.  Sorry about that

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Day 26 More please

I painted the lemon and the mug again.  The lemon is beginning to look a little well -  dead and dare I say gross.  I thought this painting was different than yesterday's  but it has a remarkably similar composition.  Can you plagiarise yourself?  I am not sure about that but none the less here is Mug, again.