Tuesday 5 January 2021

Day 2 21 days in my art world sharing something we learnt on our art journey.

 I like everyone in the covid world, have had my low days and even lower days.  Routines have saved my life.  I wake up when the alarm clock (Mulligan the dog)  wakes us up.  After taking  her on a walk, I sketch for 20 - 30 minutes, take a five minute break and then do a portrait for 20 minutes. One  day I figured I deserved a day off.  I started the day on instagram checking my email etc.  and before I knew the day was gone. I ended up being depressed.

Since then I have kept to my routine.  It isn't about the art.  It is each good decision begets another good one and each bad one.... well you get the picture.  This is a quote from Sam thomas Davies who studies stuff like this.   "One wrong choice at the beginning of the day not only limits the options available later, but it also hinders your enthusiasm to choose the right one.  And instead of chalking up small wins throughout your day, you create unnecessary friction that pulls you further off course from where you need to be". He says it so well.  I do a portrait a day from an instagram accountt called eathsworld. 


The next day they are painted over.   Easy come easy go


  1. Great advice! And bravo for sticking to your routine!

    1. Just like you except I'm not losing weight. Bravo to you