Wednesday 6 January 2021

Day 3 - 21 days in my art world - WIP

 WIP turns out to mean Work in Progress.  Aren't we all a work in progress? Our building had an electrical fire a few weeks ago.  We could smell it but the fire alarm never went off.  We walked down the 9 floors and met the firemen going up.  In the lobby we were told it was safe to go back to our condo.  So we did.  We waited in the dark until we would get further news.   We just sat there frozen not packing bags in case we would have to leave, not trying to find a place to stay.  Just in shock. Just sitting there.  Covid is bad enough but now we are grateful our place is safe.  I took a picture of Gerry and Mully sitting on the couch and now this painting represents our safety.  So many have lost family and ours is safe and we are home surrounded by Gerry's million computers and my million books


I thanked Earthsworld (i have not idea who this person male or female is) for the use of their powerful photos and got this response "I'm overwhelmed with happiness knowing that these images have finally found a home and that they're as inspiring to others as they are to me.  Thank you for creating and sharing."  I am humbled.  

Another 20 minute portrait
Now go and make a plan in case you have an emergency.  I may even take my own advice.

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