Friday 15 February 2013

I Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

This is my value study

I think it is pretty good for 18 minutes work time
Then I came across Liz Wiltzen's value study

Hers made so much more sense then mine, a definite distinction between darks and lights   (I did ask permission to post it and this is what she said: "Hi Suzy, you are welcome to post my image if you link it back to my blog post with a name credit. Thanks so much for asking  :-)"
Doesn't she sound nice.  I would love to take a course with her but she says you have to go up stairs and tolerate a golden.  The stairs I can take but the golden might be a problem - who can paint when there is a golden to play with.

This is actual blog post
I am not sure what she means by a name credit and I feel stupid asking so I am just going to say her name again "Liz Wiltzen" and here is her web site  Doesn't mountain artist sound so much better then artist in the basement in the suburbs.
This is the value study without mixing.

 I like her method because it makes you determine where the lights are, the darks etc. which should make it easier to translate to colour

I then painted the subject with  the Zorn palette (yellow ochre, cadmium red, black and white)
Thank you Liz
I am going to do it again tomorrow

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