Monday 25 February 2013

The yolks on you

 I am continuing withe the value studies but I just had to paint a dog.  I did the black and white today - 4 values and I will put the colour directly on top tomorrow.
My habit last week was to clean my studio at the end of the day.  I did it every night except for one.  I love coming down to a clean room in the morning.  My bucket is filled up and I have nothing to do but just jump in and paint.  The one time I didn't do it I felt a difference.

This week's habit is cleaning and closing the paint tubes right after I use them.  Sometimes I can't find the caps afterwards or you accidentally put something down on an open tube and it spills or it dries up.  This is a going to be very hard  for me to change, I have a tendency of leaving everything open but I am going to try.
"do or do not.... there is not try"
Oh shut up Yoda, I am going to try.