Wednesday 20 February 2013

Who moved my mug

Weird things are happening - yesterday the mug turned into a pear tonight it just moved over.  I have committed myself to doing this everyday for at least a month.  I was really busy today.  I did the value in the afternoon and I am pleased.  I really rushed the coloured version  at night and I think it shows.

I was at a painting group and our guest teacher - Rita Briansky - set up a still life go along with the  Peru exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine arts.  I know the painting, well to put it in artistic terms sucks and I am going to gesso over it. But what I find amazing is there is no white used at all.  I forgot to bring any and  I am sure (at least I assume so) someone would have lent me some, I took it as a challenge to not use any.  Two lemons in the front glow.  Hmm something to think about.

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