Wednesday 29 January 2014

Day 29 - Just call me Charlie

I have no idea what the dog's name is, but I think he looks like a Charlie so Charlie it is. It's sweet how total strangers will pose as long as they have a dog.  Do you think she would have posed for me if I I had just gone up to her and asked - I don't think so, but a dog changes everything.

I originally painted just the values in blue and white, but while I was looking at it I thought I'm in a good mood - what would happen if my darkest value was a middle red and everything else had to be lighter.  I used two colours - red and yellow. OK you caught me I also used white. Funny in my painting the background reads as pure white but the picture shows blue and green in the body.  It of course needs a bit of work but really not that much.  I am quite happy with it as an experiment that went well.  Thanks Charlie.
Tomorrow is the last day for the 30 in 30 challenge.  I have been thinking about what to do next. I have some paintings that are due, but I want to improve my art.  Here are my goals
  1. Blog daily - it helps to post and look at your work
  2. Pick a master and copy his work every day
  3. draw every day.
  4. pick a book and work through the exercises 

Doing the challenge and completing it made me think I could be more consistent.  Bombs away.  I don't know why I typed it but that's how I feel

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