Saturday 27 September 2014

Day 28 Hit Your Mark

Actors have to hit their marks when performing - it means walking to a specific spot .  This poor woman was leaving the dog run when I was coming in.  We pass each other quite often but this time I asked if I could take her dog's picture.  She was very agreeable but I don't think she knew how bossy I was going to be .  Move back,  stand behind  etc.  She was very sweet and obligingly moved so I could get Maya the boxer partially in the sun.  Thank you so much for your patience. Now you can go  to work. S. Charto

Please join me in my new blog where we will work through how to books and improve our art skills


  1. So cute. You captured his energy and character. Went to your other bloodspot and am thinking about joining. I don't have the book. Looks interesting

    1. Thanks Tam. It would be great to have you join in improving our drawing skills. The book is great but you don't need it. I will be posting exercises and anyone can do them. I am travelling this week but I will start next week and will set up a facebook page that anyone can post.