Wednesday 3 September 2014

Day 3 - Sam I am

This is Sam

We  met Sam on a beach where dogs aren't allowed off leash, and people can't go swimming and no one is allowed to have fun, but everyone disobeys the rules and the security conveniently stays away.  Anyway this is about Sam.  My dog of course was running off somewhere but Sam was hugging my husband.  Turns out that Sam was just rescued.  He wasn't beaten but  tied up and ignored, for years.  And now he is with a couple that is lavishing attention on him and Sam is running up to everyone leaning on them and craving petting.  This was a couple of years ago and I am sure that Sam has passed by now as he wasn't a youngster but I think of him now and again.  He could have been mean and  vengeful but instead he just wanted to get and spread love.

We should all be like Sam.