Thursday 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Rembrandt is still on my easel - I wonder if we have moved on to first names. Whoops just googled him and Rembrandt was his first name. Rembrandt, Oprah, Madonna - who needs last names.  I'm going to have to change my name if I become famous.
At least now he looks his age.  

I miss taking my kids around for Halloween.  My son is 30 and lives 6 hours away - I don't think he would let me dress him up and take him out trick or treating but don't you wish you could turn the clock back for 5 minutes. I remember the anticipation they had before and of course I remember my husband and I looting their bags when they went to sleep.  He ate all the Coffee Crisps and I ate the rest. Good times.

The instruction for Suzy's class was a painting with a focal point.  
I think I did okay The door is the focal point and everything points to it - sort of.  Anyway it is creepy because of the tree shadows.  Perfect for Halloween.

The forecast for tomorrow is rain - I forgot about trick or treating in the rain and snow.  I'll just stay home and eat the candy I bought for the kids.  Good times.

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