Friday 30 January 2015

What if I Copied Ray Turner

There are 2 painters, no make it 3, that I would pay just to sit in their studio and watch them paint. I would promise to sit quietly, not say a word and just watch them handle the paint.  The odds of that happening is about the same as me sitting quietly and not saying a word.
The Painters are
  1. Francois Bard!selected/cfit
  2. Sebastian Kruger
  3. Ray Turner   
Francois Bard is in France, Sebastian Kruger is in Germany and Ray Turner is in California.  I am about in the middle of all of them.  Oh well, but thanks to the internet, I can see their work.  This version of Rembrandt is me attempting to well not copy exactly but be influenced by Ray Turner.  I apologize in advance to him because he is that good.  I don`t have permission to post his pictures but check out his website. He uses wacko colours (that is a technical term) but because his values are perfect everything works.

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