Wednesday 21 January 2015

What if I Used a Zorn Palette

Anders Zorn was a wonderful Swedish painter.  I guess it just proves you don't have to live in N.Y or Paris to be great.  Here is his self portrait

He is also known for the Zorn palette consisting of 3 colours and white. The colours are black, yellow ochre and cadmium red (some use cadmium red light others cadmium dark) Of course the brand of paint you use is going to change the hue.  Definitely a big man, but that is a story for another type of blog.  You make the green from the black and the yellow.  Here is Rembrandt with the Zorn palette.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty cool! It's fun to use a Zorn palette and see what a range of color you can get! Nice job!