Monday 22 June 2015

Rodin - Wow

I went to see the Rodin exhibit - and all I can say is wow.  The man is prolific.  Hubbo couldn't' believe how little work he did.  Between his assistants and the bronzers it appears as if he didn't do much.  He had to spend a lot of time looking for work.  I bet if he lived today he would be an expert on social media. We both enjoyed the show.  My favourite was standing under the thinker.  It was big really big how big do you say -  I have no idea but it was towering over me.

The daily painter's challenge this week is reflections.  I had the idea while I was looking  at the show to paint one of his small statues that was in a glass case.  You could see the front and the back reflection on the glass.  this is  painting is all about values.

If you have a chance to see the show go.

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