Sunday 1 January 2017

Day 1 I DO

Happy New Year.

I feel miserable.  Partied, drank and ate too much.  Not a great way to start the 30 in 30 but being the strong personality I am, I will push through without complaining. Who am I kidding, I will moan the whole day, but nevertheless I will start the new year as I do every year with the intention of taking care of my blog and posting more.

I do like using the 30 in 30 as a way of trying something new with constraints.  I might have written about Dr. Seuss and the book "Green Eggs and Ham". He and his publisher had a $50.00 bet that he couldn't write a book with only 50 words. I think constraints force us to  become more creative. Green Eggs and Ham is pretty creative.

In the past 30 in 30 I have painted series of dogs, Rembrandt, actors and a perfume bottle.  The Channel perfume challenge really pushed me.  Last challenge I started painting roads but my husband sprung a real road trip on me and I only did 3 of them.

This time around I wanted to practice painting flowers, specifically bouquet (wedding or others) arrangements.  The painting has to also have the words "I DO".  Here goes.

Dr. Seuss didn't collect on his bet, but he did have a best seller.


  1. Love the muted colors! The letters and message add a personal touch.

  2. Look forward to see the paintings in this 30 day series! Love the first one!
    Dee Dee

    1. Thank you Dee Dee. I am gong to check your site to see what you are up to lately.