Tuesday 16 January 2024

Shelter me from the storm

 I was invited to show at a homeless shelter.  The whole experience was bizarre. It was strange dropping off my art at a shelter in the middle of a winter storm, but my work was admired and that is all that counts - right? I had the permission from the two guys sitting there to take their picture.

  After I went home to my warm house, with my kitchen and my clean comfortable mattress and I was very grateful for my life. 

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Day 3 - 21 days in my art world - WIP

 WIP turns out to mean Work in Progress.  Aren't we all a work in progress? Our building had an electrical fire a few weeks ago.  We could smell it but the fire alarm never went off.  We walked down the 9 floors and met the firemen going up.  In the lobby we were told it was safe to go back to our condo.  So we did.  We waited in the dark until we would get further news.   We just sat there frozen not packing bags in case we would have to leave, not trying to find a place to stay.  Just in shock. Just sitting there.  Covid is bad enough but now we are grateful our place is safe.  I took a picture of Gerry and Mully sitting on the couch and now this painting represents our safety.  So many have lost family and ours is safe and we are home surrounded by Gerry's million computers and my million books


I thanked Earthsworld (i have not idea who this person male or female is) for the use of their powerful photos and got this response "I'm overwhelmed with happiness knowing that these images have finally found a home and that they're as inspiring to others as they are to me.  Thank you for creating and sharing."  I am humbled.  

Another 20 minute portrait
Now go and make a plan in case you have an emergency.  I may even take my own advice.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Day 2 21 days in my art world sharing something we learnt on our art journey.

 I like everyone in the covid world, have had my low days and even lower days.  Routines have saved my life.  I wake up when the alarm clock (Mulligan the dog)  wakes us up.  After taking  her on a walk, I sketch for 20 - 30 minutes, take a five minute break and then do a portrait for 20 minutes. One  day I figured I deserved a day off.  I started the day on instagram checking my email etc.  and before I knew the day was gone. I ended up being depressed.

Since then I have kept to my routine.  It isn't about the art.  It is each good decision begets another good one and each bad one.... well you get the picture.  This is a quote from Sam thomas Davies who studies stuff like this.   "One wrong choice at the beginning of the day not only limits the options available later, but it also hinders your enthusiasm to choose the right one.  And instead of chalking up small wins throughout your day, you create unnecessary friction that pulls you further off course from where you need to be". He says it so well.  I do a portrait a day from an instagram accountt called eathsworld. 


The next day they are painted over.   Easy come easy go

Monday 4 January 2021

#1 21 days in my art world

Wow! I am a consistent blogger, one post a year.  I have decided to try the challenge 21 days in my art world.  This should keep me going for at least 5 days.  Today's prompt is a favourite painting.

I wish I could paint more often with the freedom I had painting this one.  It was fun to paint.  Most paintings are hard work.  People have said to me it is nice you have a hobby.  Painting is not a hobby - it is relentless.  Thinking about the painting, planing and sometimes agonizing. This was a joy.  

Mully is 12 years old.  That is very old for a golden.  She has slowed down but not her joy. 

We have slowed down too.  "Grow Old with me the best is yet to be"

Thursday 17 September 2020

life has changed

What a difference between the last time I posted and today.  I wasn't going to continue the blog but I feel the need to write.  So here goes.  We are quarantined, I miss my kids and I haven't killed my husband so life is still good for us.  I have been painting everyday but not all of them are keepers.  For awhile I was doing a portrait a day but I soon got tired of it.  Now I am on to goalies.

Hockey goalies are a weird bunch of people.  Pucks are thrown at you at a fast pace.  Because of a smidgen of an inch, a stretch of a leg or a fling of an arm, you are either the hero or a loser.  Here is my first one.  Still needs work but I like the direction

Keep well and keep painting


Saturday 7 September 2019

Everyone is a critic

My painting was critiqued today.  I am not sure they were impressed, seemed to be obsessed with details.  It was a tough crowd.

You be the judge

Wednesday 28 August 2019


I haven't painted in a year.
I haven't painted in a year.

We put our house up for sale.  The market was hot and it seemed like the right time.  Everyone wants to see a staged house - I didn't think they would want to see 10 years of acrylic drips on the floor toilet walls etc.  So I cleaned and scrubbed and polished and scrubbed some more.  Behold the house looked pretty good after we got rid of half our stuff.

We sold the house and bought a condo. Goodby to my cozy studio in the basement that was all mine.  No more studio, no more storage.  We renovated the condo and it was impossible to paint because we were living in a mess with no heat and no lights. Then the reno was finished and I didn't paint..

I used every excuse in the book to avoid the easel but no longer.  The best way to restart is with a little pressure.  I bought 3 canvases to enter the Trekell Pet portrait contest.
Trekell Entry

Its funny how when you take a picture you see things that you would change.  but it will have to do.

(I also bought a New Wave POSH Glass Palette) you should get one.