Monday 4 January 2021

#1 21 days in my art world

Wow! I am a consistent blogger, one post a year.  I have decided to try the challenge 21 days in my art world.  This should keep me going for at least 5 days.  Today's prompt is a favourite painting.

I wish I could paint more often with the freedom I had painting this one.  It was fun to paint.  Most paintings are hard work.  People have said to me it is nice you have a hobby.  Painting is not a hobby - it is relentless.  Thinking about the painting, planing and sometimes agonizing. This was a joy.  

Mully is 12 years old.  That is very old for a golden.  She has slowed down but not her joy. 

We have slowed down too.  "Grow Old with me the best is yet to be"

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