Sunday 20 September 2009

If a tree falls in the forest, does the dog still pee on it

We found a new place to walk our dog. It is practically perfect. The parking lot which has plenty of room for cars, leads to a big field full of playing dogs. I am always worried at dog parks about my knees and today was no different. It is especially scary when a great Dane puppy is running your way. Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures because my camera said I had no memory card. I hate to disagree with a computer, but we never took the card out because we don't even know where it is. Likely my system administrator fixed it. It is good to travel around
with your system administrator.

There were a couple of rusted cars. How did they get there. The trees looked fully grown around them and there wasn't a road to drive in.
Another one one of those mysteries you never solve, like the missing chicken.

Mully played with a Basset for the first time.I love the looks of them. They only thing I now about the breed is if they don't want to move, you are stuck. We walked with another golden for about 5 minutes and the owner and I both agreed each other's other dog was beautiful. I lied. I really know I had the prettier dog, I mean just look at her. Well maybe this wasn't her finest moment and to tell the truth she didn't smell too good either,. but still it was a great day - out with my dog, my son and my system administrator.

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