Tuesday 5 January 2010

Making Mud-pies

In a previous life, my husband was a big manager and used to watch videos on how to be a better manager. I don't know if they ever worked and made him a great manager because he got laid off anyhow and we lost his fabulous parking spot.
One video, I remember watching, was about how to reward your employees. i.e. how to rate them and give bonuses, etc.
A question was asked "what to do if you have an employee that works really hard but the project fails". The answer was "we don't reward mud-pies" and the term kind of stuck in my head.
To day I worked all afternoon. Big sigh - nothing but mud-pies.

Carol Nelson is painting a portrait a day from pictures people have sent her. I thought I would paint along to improve my portraiture. I don't plan to keep them, I even will just keep painting over them (the advantage of acrylics), and I want to spend no longer than 1/2 an hour on them. I will use this will be a sort of warm up. She is ahead of me already. Of course the first one had teeth - another sigh.

I do miss that parking spot

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  1. Mud pies...at least you are making something! I like your quick portrait. What is wrong with teeth? LOL