Sunday 21 February 2010

Baby It's cold outside

Sometimes, but very seldom, winter is beautiful. Today was one of those days - it wasn't too cold and there was no wind, it was really a nice day to be outside. We snuck onto the golf course. There were other dogs there but Mully for all her faults is really, really loyal, and always returns to us. It must be our sparkling personalities. Watching her run around is the best part of having a dog.

Our friend made a heart, I don't know why, it just seems to be something she does.

Her partner - I don't want to mention names because he is a really famous actor, has a cool hat. I covet that hat, but I always look dumb in hats. I'll let him keep it.
You might notice Gerry is carrying something - picking up after your dog when no is watching, is a sign of being a really nice guy. Gerry is a really nice guy.
Gerry used to be a golfer, he takes his golf course maintenance very seriously - don't step on the greens when he is around. Really - don't step on the greens, if you do, he turns red.
Mully decided to take a swim in the stream. She didn't seem to notice that it was cold. She didn't seem to notice it was winter and she really didn't notice that she didn't smell too good.
On the way home she jumped into the car and made the seat all wet before I had a chance to get in. I let her stay there because I wasn't going to sit on that wet smelly seat. I swear she is sticking out her tongue at me and laughing because I am in the back.

I may survive this winter but I doubt it.

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