Thursday 23 January 2014

Day 23 Do you see what I see

I painted this tonight after 3 episodes of Leave it to Brian, 1 Jeopardy, and 1/2 the documentary of Salinger, Me doth think she procrastinates too much.  In my defence - I am cold my studio which is in my basement is cold and the whole house feels cold.  and yet I feel really lucky - it is a billion below outside and I have a relative warm house.  I never complain about my space because I feel so blessed to have one at all.  For years I had no where to paint and now I have a room of my own as they say, just a little cold. It really is wonderful to be able to leave your stuff so you can pick up a brush at any time.

Here is my princess in warmer times. One thing I have learnt about this daily posting is I see what I want to correct just by posting it on the blog but unfortunately I don't have time to go down to repaint the spots. So don't look at the spot where - well maybe if I don't point it out you won't notice.  

Here is Ray Turner copy # 3.  This is in black and white and I will paint in colour tomorrow

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