Thursday 9 January 2014

Day 9 Don't Flip your Lid

I seem to be alternating painting from a photo and life.  Well not really life but a still life.  The French call it "nature morte" which means dead nature.  That seems like a harsh criticism, I try to make my paintings a little lively.
The first 2 were taken during painting (I seem to have chopped off the lid in the second one photo) and here is the final product. And if you can't tell from the painting, it is a mustard jar - with a  flipped lid.


  1. Thank you so much for looking at my art

  2. I enjoyed seeing your painting and the steps you took. (The comments are fun too) I went to put your blog on my reading list, but your name isn't on the page and your paintings aren't signed. I hope you consider adding it in the future so when you are famous we'll be able to say I've been following her/him since way back when.

  3. Thanks Lydia
    My real name is Suzy Charto but I kinda figured Suzy is too cute to be taken seriously so I go by S. Charto. I don't sign my work until I put it in a show because I probably will change it if it is still in the house. and I am already famous well at least to my dog.