Sunday 21 September 2014

Mike Svob Workshop Day Three

He always wets he canvas.  You have to decided ahead of time what will you leave white.  Cover everything in midtone. then put in darks, think about gradations.

Darker or lighter, warmer or cooler, each stroke should be different.  Too light too dark too warm too cool is it right 
Look for the right shape right colour.

Value, shape, colour edge in order of importance.   Don't paint what you think you see paint what you see.  You don't paint light you paint your impression go for the big shapes.

Nickle azo, yellow transparent, q burnt orange. Use q violet instead of alizeren Crimson.  Cadium yellow, cadium orange, Cadium red
buy tubs of paint and but them in a buton box
95% paint should go into the garbage- he meant put out a lot of paint 
 your time is more important than a little paint - we all groaned at this.
Throws in a random bits of cool in a warm painting  for interest
ask what's wrong with it

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