Saturday 31 January 2015

Well I`ll be a monkey`s uncle

I wonder what that expression means - I`ll be a monkey`s uncle.  Well picmonkey allows you to make a collage for free.  Here is Rembrandt - all my versions of him.

Do you think he is turning over in his grave or is he amazed that people are still admiring him after all these years.  It was a pleasure looking at his portrait for 16 times and I could stare at it for many more.  


  1. Congratulations!
    What a nice way to understand a man than to paint him in so many ways. Beautiful explorations!

  2. They are all excellent - one way to get to know your subject VERY well. I think he would be pleased.

  3. His intention was to amaze & save for posterity. Your art is fabulous Andy would enjoy