Tuesday 20 January 2015

what if I painted up close

This is another Rembrandt portrait this time working enlarged.  His texture is wonderful.  I can't get the texture  in a quick painting in acrylics but I still enjoyed trying.  

This is the weekly hint from my other blog art by the books

David Kassan is an amazing artist who is now having a Kickstarter fundraiser for a palette

If I were an oil painter I think I would get it because I love new things for my art.  His palette is unusual in that it is vertical.  His point is, a vertical palette means the light falls in the same manner on the palette as on the painting.  I am not comparing myself to him and I really don't think that having his equipement is going to instantly make me as good as him but then you never know.  I have a little palette which I now keep vertically and it is easier physically so you don't twist to get at your paint.  I am now very aware of how repetitive motions come back to bite you.  

Watch the video - I think the palette is a  brilliant design. And since I know you are going to ask because I did -  the paint does not drip down but the glaze does so I just put that on the bottom.  

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