Monday 30 March 2015

My real artist statement

This is what I really feel

I have had three dogs as an adult.  There have been times I wanted to murder them.  Times I resented having to walk them in bad weather or clean up some accidents.  Did the puppy really need to chew my shoe?  Does the dog really have to go through the garbage and make a mess everywhere?   But never did I regret getting them.

I have learnt from all of them.  I have learnt to be a better parent through teaching them tricks.  They have taught my children compassion, patience and gentleness. Do they really love us – I have no idea.  I see my dog running through the woods but always checking to see if we are following.  She could run away but she chooses to come back.  I see her greeting us with joy when we come home and looking at us with sadness when we are leaving.  Is that love? I don’t know. 

I have cuddled them when they were puppies and I stroked them when they took their last breath.  There will come a time when I will be too old to take care of a dog. I have met some older people who stop me in the street, pet my Golden and they always smile and say “I had a dog once. It was the best dog in the world”.  

I am lucky to have had three of the best dogs in the world. 


I hope you enjoy my paintings.  I welcome you into my dog world.  It is my wish they make you smile and think of dogs that you might have encountered. 


(Mully, Bogey and Rex)

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