Saturday 18 April 2015

Every Day Matters 1-7

Sometimes you just need a push to get you into the studio and sometimes you need a shove.  I tend to avoid working when I am unsure of what I am doing.  Let's be honest I put the pro in procrastination. It wouldn't be so bad if I did useful things but 10 rounds of Candy Crush never really helped anything. This week I started each day with  a sketch from the Everyday Matters list.

Danny Gregory wrote a book (actually he wrote many books the man is busy), about his wife Patty and her accident and how he learnt to draw to save his sanity.  A list of drawing ideas came from that book and also many groups on facebook yahoo etc.  I started each morning by drawing from that list.  It got the juices flowing so to speak and into the studio.  I find once I am down there I might as well paint.  The photos are pretty bad because I drew in very light pencil and to make the pencil lines darker makes every little fold and shadow pop up.  Never mind it is just an exercise.
Day 2 Light
Day 1 shoes
Day 3 Purse

Day 4 Cup and Mug
Day 5 Your Bed
Day 5 Your bed and a dog who jumped up to hog the picture
Day 6 A toy
Day 7 A bottle from your kitchen

I started drawing my bed but Mully joined in the drawing session. It is sometimes hard if you don't know what to draw - having specific things makes it easier.  Of course after you post the photos you realize what is wrong. For instance in the Soda Stream bottle the letters should be going up and the bottle should be getting wider as it goes down. It was time to fill it anyhow.

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