Sunday 24 May 2015

So cool

This is way beyond cool.  My husband found this while googling me. He does this every once in awhile for his immediate family.  It is a good habit to check up what has been posted about yourself. Of course it helps that there aren't too many Chartos in the world.  I am the only Suzy Charto - I guess it would be different if my name was Smith or Jones.
Here is what he found

 May 1, 2015  Community Art Space
art library 3Suzy Charto presents her lovely exhibit titled “Art of the dog”.
Suzy is a member of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal, was educated at Dawson and McGill and continues to expand her skills and knowledge through courses.
This exhibit is an ode to dogs. All 32 pieces depict our furry friends in different states of emotion and well being. All animal lovers who view these pieces will immediately feel comfortable and at ease. Suzy has perfectly captured the “essence” of our companions, and the limitless love that they give. They are great teachers and exude compassion, patience and gentleness.
Until  May 10

Cool eh? (I am Canadian).  My show is over but really that is when you need a boost because there is a natural letdown, so I am glad he found it. Thanks Justin,

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