Saturday 19 September 2015

Day 19 Chanel and the Bag

There are a lot of thing I don't understand - Easter Island, where my missing socks go to and why there is an empty bag of honey mustard & onion pretzel pieces  in my bedroom.  Neither Gerry and I eat in our room.  He doesn't buy junk food because that is my job and I have never even heard of this product.

I wanted to paint a certain bag from a well known store but I didn't know anybody that shops there.  I asked Gerry to go in and ask them for one.  I figured they were more likely to give him a bag because they might think of him  a potential customer but he gave me the look and never actually refused but I know that look.   Evil teacher Suzy gave me a bag filled with chocolate (because she is an enabler) that was close enough.  The bag is from David's Tea.

Chanel and the Bag

The bag was perfect and now the chocolate is gone.  Still don't know where the pretzels came from.

I have updated my website but it definitely is a work in progress.  As soon as I'm done with the 30 in 30, after the party of 40 people in my house and the 4 pieces I have to finish for October, I will  work on it.

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  1. Ok.... I just love this series! How inspiring and fun! Simply beautiful!

  2. Dee Dee you ae so sweet to comment and today I really needed it thanks