Friday 11 September 2015

Day 11 Chanel is Small - very small

About a month ago I asked  if anyone had a bottle of Chanel #5 to lend me.  I know have 5
bottles; 2 colognes, 1 in a unopened box and 2 very very tiny bottles of perfume.  How tiny - well see for your self.  Here it is next to a pencil.
This picture makes it look big.  Here it is next to an egg.

Still looks big - last one

Like I said it is very tiny.  I keep getting it dirty with paint because I have to hold it to see it.  So here is Chanel is small.

Chanel is Small

The worst part is I put it down and can't remember where I put it.  

I am going to make a poster - Missing one Small bottle of Chanel - Reward offered.

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