Monday 21 September 2015

Day 21 Chanel on a bed of Roses

I need a break from the dark paintings.  I like them, I like painting them and my eye doctor is going to be thrilled that I probably need a new prescription from the strain.

It is fun and freeing painting all the swirls in the jar.

Chanel on a Bed of Roses

 So here is Chanel on a bed flowers but it sounds better on a bed of roses.

Here is a studio hint. Run to the hardware store and get a drywall t-square. I can't remember how much it cost but it wasn't that much and it comes in handy drawing straight lines on a large canvas especially if you have a crooked head like I do.  You can also  use it as a straight edge to cut brown paper for wrapping.  I think it would be expensive at an art store but hardware stores are so much cheaper. Here is Gerry demoing it -  he is fake drawing.  I had a great teacher who used to say to students that claimed they couldn't draw a straight line - get a ruler.  This is a very big ruler.

And you always do some drywall.

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