Wednesday 13 January 2016

Day 13 - Jason

I have never seen any of the Friday the 13th movies.  I don't do well with horror movies.  I don't like gore and I end up closing my eyes.  I then bug my husband making him tell me what happened.  I tend to scream and grab my husband if something scary is on the screen. It is better for everyone if I stick to light romantic comedies.

This painting was supposed to be Jack Nicholson but the more I painted it, the more it looked like Jason. I was rushing because they are turning our power off soon.  No, I have paid the bill, but we got a phone call that they will be doing maintenance and have to turn it off temporarily.  They didn't ask me and I don't think turning off the heat in winter is a good idea.  I do have a big dog who quite nicely serves as a heating pad, so it is not all bad.

So I was getting stressed painting and then I realized if the painting wants to be Jason so be it. Coincidently it is the 13th so it seems appropriate. Does Jason even speak? I guess no quotes.

Could Jack Nicholson really be Jason?  Could be.  Now excuse me I have to run around the house unplugging everything and try to find some candles.


  1. At first I saw that it might be a "Jason dog" - I detect a muzzle forming at the bottom in the shadows. I LOVE scary movies, except the gory ones. I get the electricity thing, it happens where we live, without notice - often. Rural electric. Paint on!

    1. I really did rush it, after posting I also noticed it looked too much like a muzzle. We did get notice and in the end they didn't cut the power. The good thing is it forced us to check all our flashlights. Each one of the was dead.