Monday 18 January 2016

Day 18 I'm Not Bad

I got an email asking why I have painted only male actors. This series is inspired by quotes.  A quote comes to mind and then I paint the person who said it. eg "Make my Day".  If you look at lists of the most famous quotes in movies, it is comprised overwhelmingly of males.  Maybe that will change now that we have writers like Tina Fey.
The first one that I thought of for a female is this one from "who Framed Roger Rabbit" and it made me smile.

I'm Not Bad - I'm Just Drawn that Way
Kathleen Turner's voice is amazing. My entire life I have always been called cute. I do find it depressing in a way that this cartoon figure has more sex appeal than I will ever have.  
Oh well, I'm cute and  I'm drawn that way.

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