Friday 11 November 2016

Remembrance Day 2016

We have had an amazing summer and a spectacular fall but unfortunately it wasn't nice today.

Today is Remembrance Day.

Canadians wear poppies to  honour our veterans. The tradition comes from the poem In Flanders Fields by John Macrae.

I like to attend the ceremony in my city. It was cold and it was damp. After we observed 2 minutes of silence, I really didn't want to hear any more speeches. I wanted to sneak away, but there was this one man in front of me  who stood the entire time, with his walker.  
Veteran with walker in Front of Canadian Flag
He made me feel a little lazy and unappreciative.  I stayed.  I survived.  It wasn't so bad.  
I'll go buy another poppy and thank a vet.

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