Friday 6 January 2017

Day 6 I do

When training a dog the first time he does something wrong it is a mistake, 2nd time isn't good and after the third time it may become a habit.  I made 2, let me see what is the technical term, sucky paintings. If I wasn't doing the 30 in 30 I would have gessoed them so fast that I would have broken the sound barrier.  

I don't want to make bad paintings a habit.  I got up early this morning, made a really big pot of strong coffee and went off to my studio with a positive mind.  I then promptly started to clean some drawers I haven't touched in a while. I did eventually got brave and attacked a canvas.

I like today's.  I wasn't going to write I do ( since yesterday's "I Po"), but you can't break a theme just because things aren't going well. Sometimes you have to stick to the plan.

I Do
Phew the bad streak is ended.