Tuesday 2 January 2018

Happy New Year

Some of us had a great new year party.  One of us did not.
It all started when I began cooking.   Mully hates the smoke detector and gets into a frenzy when it goes off.  She is beginning to sense earlier and earlier that it is about to make that awful noise and starts panicking.  Unfortunately  I bake by smoke detector. I am capable of burning anything and everything. 

She did join us and presided beautifully at the head of the table.  All was going well until the noise makers came out. 

That didn't go well at all. Almost as bad as the smoke detector.   Sorry Mully next year we`ll go out and leave you alone. 

This is the first painting of 2018 - a quick painting of how sad she is. 
Mully's unfortunate New Year
Happy New year to all and hope you had more fun than Mully


  1. Happy New Year!
    Great start to the new year - sweet, sweet Mully

    1. She is not having a great year so far. It is too cold for her to walk and she is going stir crazy as I am too.