Saturday 31 October 2009

I say tomato you say......

When we were first looking for a dog, (not big , not hairy and not in winter) a trainer said this line was stubborn. Sometimes stubborn means they are doing something repeatedly that you don't want them to do. If it is a behaviour that you like they are called determined. Mulligan can be very determined. I tossed a box down the stairs to be put in the recycling bin. (garbage is Mondays, recycling Tuesdays, composting Thursdays - remember that). She, of course being a retriever, did what she was bred to do (besides beg for food) and retrieved.
We did what we like to do which is torture her and threw it back down and she retrieved it. again and again. Who is stubborn and who is determined? Poor Mully.
Okay you win, chew in peace.

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