Tuesday 29 December 2009

Karin Jurick has a blog called different strokes for different folks. Once a year people send in their photographs and she matches up two artists. Everyone then paints a portrait. Here is the photo sent to me and what I painted. I am not very happy with the result. Well I never painted teeth before. Teeth are hard. The more I tried the more this beautiful girl looked she had a hole head.

I don't know your name but I am so sorry for what I did to you.

Really, really sorry


  1. Suzy, you don't need to apologize.
    You did a great job. I like the brush work and color in the hair. Eyes have expression, also.
    I don't paint portrats aka as likenessness. Last year I entered and knew if didn't look like the lovely lady. Still it was fun. :)
    Your writing makes me smile. Keep up the stories, they are so descriptive.

  2. Suzy! You have some VERY nice lines here with the hair, & placement of features. The neck and shoulder work is lovely.
    Yes, teeth are insanely hard to do.
    Mine can either look like a mouth full of whipped creme, or a badly painted picket fence! Thankfully, my artist had her mouth closed with a slight smile.....whew!
    You go, girl....this is about exploring and learning.

    -Sharon Alama

  3. Hey Suzy-it's me...your mystery artist, and I think this is terrific. I sure gave you a mouthful of teeth and gums to deal with didn't I? That's a challenge in itself-sorry about that. Seriously, I love it and would be interested in swapping paintings if you are. Here's my email-agorbett@hotmail.com. Happy New Year! Ann

  4. Just coming from Ann's blog and must tell you that I am quite enjoying your blog. Your reactions at the show in which one of your paintings was accepted made me laugh; my mind works in the same way your's did. (I'd have had those exact same thoughts!) Also got a kick out of your Mulligan/box story. We have 4 dogs living in our house (3 of them are our's, one is on an extended visit with my daughter and granddaughters)...I look forward to visiting more often! And by the way, I think Ann's portrait is gorgeous.

  5. Very nice job on your portrait and yes teeth are yuk to to paint that is why usually most painters give an impression of them by making just a lighter color in the mouth. You could try that.
    I enjoyed the others post about your dog. I have a lab that's featured on my blog at the moment too.

  6. Teeth are tough, no question! I think the portrait is lively, and looks great. I like the your brushwork a lot. Very expressive.
    Happy New Year! Love your pics of the dogs, too....

  7. This painting has a lot of character and a nice cool palette. I like the way you showed her with your own vision, elongated with a Modigliani feel. Even the teeth are part of the interesting expression here. I expected to see tons of similar art on this blog but I do also like the one of Mulligan. Paint more and post it, you are good!

  8. As Camille said, I thought about Modigliani, and it is a success!

  9. I like the elongated effect and stylized version of your subject. I agree teeth have got to be the hardest thing to paint! I think you created a good likeness. Great job!

    Love your painting of Mulligan!

  10. I actually love the painting! You got a great joie de vivre onto that woman's face and I bet she's thrilled with the likeness. Congratulations to a job well done. Keep up the good work in 2010.