Tuesday 30 July 2013

day 1 continued

But wait there is more
I thought I finished day one but then I turned the page and realized good grief I really wrote a lot.
More Quotes

  1. don't repeat what you don't like (I think this is easier said than done)
  2. The only thing you have is hope (now I am depressed)
If the thumbnail doesn't work, move on  and draw another one. this part I did understand.  Work out the details in the thumbnail and don't waste painting a dud.
colour is warm or cool
White is the coldest colour and cools everything. 
Transparent vs opaque
-opaque will kill (and I didn't finish the sentence - I have no idea what this means)
-transparent is better looking then opaque
the more layering the more interesting.
now go to 2 colours hmmm
I think I was getting tired by this time because my notes don't make any sense
light to dark
here is the colours he used on day one - he did use different ones each day but I only noted the first day
white, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium red, transparent quinacridone magenta, quinacridone burnt orange(he used this a lot and I think I will go buy some because well I want to), thalo green, cobalt blue ultramarine blue dioxine purple violet and black. the spell check doesn't like quinacridone and quite frankly neither do I - I can't spell it nor can I pronounce it. Stupid name.
He said you can't get a nice viridian green in acrylics - that should get the manufacturers up in arms.  
Paint uses black gesso for dark, white of canvas for light, makes a couple of marks for positions and avoid monotones tries to vary shapes.  He starts with a small brush.  Actually I was quite surprised to see how small his brushes were.

Uses the stuff in the bottle to cover his whole canvas so he won't get hard edges.
He decides what colour is his mid tone usually cadmium red and puts his colour next to it to see if it is the same value.  Wets to soften edges drags brush to soften edge. Looks to thumbnail for values. 

Way back in November of last year I entered the Pointe Claire exhibition and they chose the painting on the left.  I just got a small cheque because someone had rented it.  Thank you whoever you are I enjoyed painting it and I am glad you liked it enough to rent it.  You can keep it even longer if you want

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