Sunday 4 August 2013

Mike Svob Workshop day 2

I think if I ever take another workshop I will try to type up my notes right away because it has been only 2 weeks and I can't figure out what I wrote.  Here is some other quotes

  • "style is determined by the technique" - if you don't like your style change your technique
  • "Most important thing is interesting shapes - don't make them boring"
  • everything is a sketch until someone buys it, then it is a painting

spread gel (or molding paste) with a brayer
drawing and painting should meld into one
watered down liquid medium for isolation layer (hmm again what the heck does that mean?
On a wet surface dry brush use thick paint without water. Transparent in the beginning

If layer underneath is dry you can use sponge to soften
He painted in transparent and then dried the painting with a blow dryer, followed by opaque paint. Wet the canvas -  black into the darkest
His photo and thumbnail

Initial transparent wash

Not his but notes he made for another artist

adding opaques and black

finished painting

worse than yesterday
Yeah this day's output was worse and it is hard to think of how long it took me to paint this disaster.

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