Sunday 3 November 2013

Twas the Month before Christmas

I was in a  show organized by the amazing Audrey Riley.  We were only allowed to enter the venue the night before at 9:00 o'clock exactly and I mean exactly.  They wouldn't let us in an a minute before.  Wouldn't you know there was a huge wind storm in Montreal and power was out all over the city and of course in the building we were to set up.  Everyone pitched in bringing flashlights and we managed to set up the tables in the dark.  Audrey kept apologizing but I thought it was a bonding experience.  The next morning power was back and the show was on.  I didn't sell anything but I painted a lot for this show, got new business cards and updated my website.

I had lots of beautiful comments that went to my head and the potential for a couple of commissions.  I also gave out Halloween candy but I am not responsible for any cavities.  It was fun and I learnt something about these types of shows - you will not sell $300 dollar paintings at these events - it is better to bring small ones that people will buy as impulse buys or little gifts.  Live and learn.

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