Friday 8 November 2013

Call Me

Drat those church ladies.  I don't want to use stronger language because they are really nice women, but I get suckered in every time by their estate garage sales.  I am addicted to them -  my husband is addicted, my daughter is addicted and even my son partakes.  I am sure my dog would like them too but we need room in the car in case we buy something really big.  They sell the entire contents of a house and the prices are fair.   This Saturday was a miserable weekend and yet they had a full house.
The owner had a vending machine business and had 4 vending machines in the garage and even one in his kitchen - installed.  There was a giant coin counter that went for $175.00 and I can't imagine why anyone would buy it but someone did.   Each time I go to one of these events,  I swear I am just looking  - right.  I bought 2 things, okay 4.  My husband bought 2 things.  My excuse is that I am looking for things to paint. I have no idea why he buys the things he does - I am not quite sure that we needed another printer but the fax machine is a different story.

The telephoned called out to me - buy me - so I did.

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