Tuesday 14 January 2014

Assessing the Damage

We seem to have a lot of car trouble.  We collect mechanics the same way other people collect souvenirs. We broke a shock in Nova Scotia, had battery trouble in Newfoundland, did something to the fuel pump in Florida,  and we still don't know what happened to the lights we lost in Utah. Let's not even speak of what happened in Maine, Quebec and California,  and yet we don't really have horror stories.  Most of the mechanics we met didn't even want to charge us.  We never had a really bad experience and it always ended in a funny saga.
Our latest incident was in Page, Arizona.  We had booked a boat tour on line and unfortunately we had a flat tire.  How flat - very flat.  Ran back in the hotel and the desk person called a tow truck for us.  We called the boat tour and they said no worries we could make a later outing.  (AAA was  2 hours away) In the end the local tow truck came filled our tire and followed us to the tire repair place, where we were told it would take 12 minutes. We drove out to the boat tour  and even made the original tour time.  Even better we were the only people on the boat.  Greg the captain told us how lucky we were because in season the lake would be buzzing with boats and we would not have the reflections we saw.

I am enjoying doing the 30 in 30 but today's painting isn't finished.  I like to leave paintings overnight.  Usually I hang them in my kitchen and ponder while I cook.  I am going to stop working on this one but I am going to do it again, bigger and slower.  Here is a picture of the canyon as seen by me, my husband and Greg the captain.  I have 723 more is you want to see them.

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