Monday 29 September 2014

Day 30 Heaven on Earth

PEI (Prince Edward Island), is the smallest province in Canada and sparsely populated.  If you are looking for heaven on earth, this is it. They have the  the nicest people.  We would pass things for sale on the side of the road with a can to hold the money.  No need to ring the doorbell  - just put the right amount in the can - who would think of stealing?  We were there for a week for Mike Svob's workshop.  My husband would drive me to the site so he could have the car.  He was irritated by everyone waving to him as they passed us in the other direction.  Coming from the city, we are not used to that, but by the end of the week he was waving too. If they didn't wave back, he would say they must be from the mainland.

I miss the PEI Preserve Company, lobster straight from the fisherman, mussels, the Dune's gallery, one room school houses, the local beer, Anne of Green Gables, small white churches and of course Cow's Ice Cream. Every stop had a million potential paintings.  Most of all I miss the red sand. See the crowds!

PEI really is heaven on earth.  You should go.

I started this series with a painting of my old dog walking with my husband - I am going to end the 30 in 30 with a picture of Mully walking with my husband on the beach in PEI.

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