Friday 24 October 2014


Well I was on a roll blogging but right after the challenge we went to Toronto and helped my daughter move.  We have sworn we won't help her move again so she better stay put.   We were lucky enough to  catch the Alex Colville show at the AGO (Toronto Art Gallery) which  I really enjoyed.  It is a learning experience to see the his preliminary drawings for working out the details for his paintings. I also didn't know he designed the centennial coins in 1967.  I still come across them once in awhile, of course not the penny since Canada discontinued them. I miss pennies.

Look how clean he was.  It boggles my mind that he painted in a white coat that didn't seem to get dirty. Look closely  - do you see dirty pants, drips on the wall, or paint under the finger nails.  How did he do it? Anyway if you can,  go, you'll thank me later.

In contrast to him, I have dropped my palette on the floor and you probably can figure out which side it fell down.  I can't see because I push up my glasses and they get covered in paint and don't drink from my coffee cup because I have sometimes used it as a thinner for my paint.  I also reuse my old canvesses and today I worked for about an hour only to discover that it had a hole in the bottom. Crap.

Can you see the hole  - it looks like a dimple in the bottom right - well I didn't.  Maybe I should wash my glasses.

Here is my second start.

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