Wednesday 19 November 2014

Getting Better all the Time

Okay today was better - the vet said not to panic yet about the tics.  Doesn't he know me -  we were at the laundromat  boiling our sheets and the duvet cover. The heat is on - turns out you have to change your filters once in awhile - who knew? And my knee is what it is.

There is a really long traffic light in our city which we like to avoid because it is really long but we always forget.  The car parked next to us at this light had a beautiful rottie sticking his head out of the window.  The light was long enough for me to ask the other driver if I could take a picture of his dog - that brought a great smile to his face - the driver not the dog.  The dog couldn't care less - too much to smell. This is my original picture.

I didn't like where the muzzle was kissing the window and I simplified the background.  I started with a 3 value painting.  

I like the feeling that the head is pointing out of the window but something is dull.

Getting Better

Getting better, and I'm tired I'll work on it tomorrow.  I think it looks like a golden in Rotti clothing.
Sorry rotti - but nothing beats a golden.

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