Tuesday 14 April 2015

All Hung Up

It's done and hung.  All my paintings are hung in a row just as I envisioned and I am feeling really good. Actually I didn't do much - my good friends Sandy and Suzy just took my paintings and went to work.  All I did was match the title card to the paintings - really hard work.

this is Justin - he wasn't allowed to touch the paintings but he posed really well (he did push the cart to bring them in so he deserves to be in the picture). We were finished and done within an hour, because we had done so much prep work before.  Each painting was in a group, the cards were done and I knew basically what I wanted.  If you want a good lesson in planning for a show - listen to this podcast http://savvypainter.com/podcast/stress-free-gallery-show/.  I learnt a lot from this show.  You should listen to the savvy painter podcast anyhow because she interviews really special artists.  

I am giving a talk about painting in series on Thursday April 16, 2015.  I won't be doing much painting tomorrow because I am nervous and plan to spend the whole day in the bathroom. Maybe a little too much private information.  

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