Friday 17 April 2015

I am running back to my comfort zone

I gave a talk for my show.  I discussed painting in a series.  What was I thinking?  I hate public speaking.  I want to go back to my comfort zone.  I am running back to my cave.  Why do people always say you should try something new?  They also say never let them see you sweat - I was dripping.  Ok it was hot.  Twenty people showed up which I think is great for a Thursday and no food.  (What no wine  It wasn't allowed).  People were kind and said wonderful things and it was much appreciated.

Complements are nice but you have to go back to work.  Here is something I am working on for a show. I have been trying to paint from life and I am enjoying it.

Mess - S. Charto Art
Mess  (20 X 24)
Do you believe that the pile of shoes is a mess?  The reason for the name is that I had to fill out the submission form but I hadn't painted it yet.  So I put in a non specific name and painted it this week. A deadline forces you to work.


  1. Enduring some bathroom time in order to put out an EXCEPTIONAL Exhibit was well worth it if you ask me - I loved each and every one of the paintings!
    I hope you head back to the cave to produce many more, and will want to share (and sweat!) with us again!

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    2. Thanks Mimi
      You know I am a fan of your work