Sunday 13 September 2015

Day 13 Chanel Boxed in

The church ladies are hired sometimes to run a garage sale to benefit of course their church.  I should say it isn't just a garage sale but a whole house sale.  It is usually the house of an older person moving to a home or who has unfortunately passed away.  The family hires them to clean up the house and sell just about everything.  Everytime I get the email I swear I won't go.

 This time I ended up with a brass extinguisher because you always will need an empty extinguisher.   As I was paying I asked them if anyone had a bottle of Chanel #5 that I could borrow.  One of them took my number and called me the next day.  Not only did she have a bottle but it is a box in the original wrapping.  The plastic wrapping had yellowed but the box is in perfect condition.

I am having trouble opening it because I know the value of a new one (over $250).  She didn't want it back.  I finally tore open the outside and opened the box.  Inside is another box sealed.

Maybe I'll open it in a year or two


  1. I wanted to add that one of my memories of my grandma was her bottle of Chanel on her dresser! Such a sweet memory!

  2. I think everyone's mother and grandmother had this bottle.