Saturday 12 September 2015

Day 12 Chanel Minimized

I am going to famous.  Curators are going to line up to beg me to be in their museums.  Some student will write her thesis on me.  The number of trees needed to print books on my movement will decimate a forest and I will wear dark sunglasses indoors.

I have invented a new movement "Minimized".  What is the minimum information you need to recognize a subject. Start with a quick drawing of my favourite mug.

What is the minimum information needed for the mug to be recognized.  It is quite interesting.

So here is Chanel Minimized

Chanel Minimized

I know this movement probably exists already.  If so  - oh well, if not you heard it here first.


  1. Wow! I just love your different and creative takes on the Channel bottles! I am not sure I have a favorite, each one is great in it's own right! What are the parameters for your 30 day challenge? The minimal ones are just fun.... you have the color blocking down to a science! Can't wait to see what else you pull out of your hat! Oh quick question... how big are these paintings and what type of canvas do you prefer using? I have been experimenting with gesso board, which has been fun to use- giving the paint a very creamy and flowy movement. Thanks for sharing your fun challenges! Very inspiring !

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. They are 11 X14, and I have no parameters. The canvases are from Michaels - I waited for the sale and bought the ones that are 7 in a package. I don't know what gesso board is. Do you paint in oil?

    2. Suzy-
      Another great painting... Love the box!
      Yes I have been painting in oils! The gesso board is basically a hardboard backing that has been covered in a smooth gesso material. I found the boards at our local art supply store.
      I am encouraged by your 30 day challenge and trying to figure out what object I would like to paint! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming paintings!
      Dee Dee